Mexican Riviera Cruise 2009

This vacation was bitter sweet for our family! We knew that once this vacation came to a close, Mike would have only one more week before leaving for Iraq. We had so much fun together has a family, cruising, shopping, eating, riding horses on the beach and zipping through the rain forest.

Cooper and Charlee loved every minute and were so fun. I am glad they are at an age where they were able to enjoy themselves and that they will remember some of it! Cooper loved going to the "Kids Zone." Charlee HATED it, so we didn't make her go! They both loved the "Splash Down" pool. It was designed especially for kids with shallow pools and pint size water slides. Mikes favorite part was the zip lines in the rain forest - not the day in Cabo where he spent it sick in the cabin. Poor guy, he got some bug and spent the majority of the day kneeling to the porcelain Gods! My favorite part....well I have several. Pretty much the whole vacation!

We are so glad that Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Allison and Cowboy Conner were able to spend this week with us! It was so much fun and we loved having you with us! I will however never forget the night we were waiting for dinner, Conner was rather excited and put his fists up in the air and said "Boo, You Wanna Piece Of Me?" I laughed about that all night long!
Well, here is a million pictures (and this isn't even all of them!!). So if you have PLENTY of time, sit back, relax and enjoy the slide show!

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