Tagged Again!

I am: talking on the phone to Mike
I think: this next year is going to be a long one.
Everything in life: is right where it should be.
I want: a bigger house.
I have: a sink full of dishes.
I dislike: lazy people.
I miss: MIKE.
I fear: the day Roxy (the dog) dies.
I feel: a little tired.
I hear: Cooper and Charlee talking.
I smell: my Victoria Secret lotion – Love Spell YUM.
I cry: when I am mad.
I search: the scriptures (For Answers!).
I wonder: if Cooper is ever going to gain weight!
I regret: not finishing college.
I wish: I was skinny again!
I love: My Family and sugar!
I care: what other people think. I know I shouldn't, but I do!
I always: talk to much.
I am not: crazy?
I remember: when I looked just like Charlee.
I believe: what goes around, comes around.
I sing: horribly.
I don’t always: say the right things.
I argue: over dumb stuff.
I write: lists.
I win: everyday.
I lose: everyday
I listen: to the most random stories. I swear my kids have crazy imaginations.
I don’t understand: why we can’t just all get along.
I can usually be found: with children.
I forget: a lot.
I am happy: today.

I tag: Chelsey, Kesha, Stephanie, and Brooke

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Kyle and April Moore said...

hey missy you have another tag!!!! the photo one! 4th photo in the 4th file....see my blog for details haha