The Sandlot!

Okay, so who remembers this movie? I remember going to see this movie with my friends when I was younger and I loved it! Well, I saw it the other day and decided to buy it because I thought Cooper would love it! Well...he loves it! And, he won't stop watching it. He has watched it three times today!

The first time he watched it he kept running in to tell me about certain parts, he would be laughing and giggling until he came in and looked a little sick. I asked him what was wrong and he said...

Cooper - "Mom, do you remember the part when they are at the fair riding the rides?"

Mom - "Yeah, that part is pretty funny."

Cooper - "I think it made me sick watching them all throw up all over themselves. That was pretty gross."

I couldn't help but start laughing. I guess he has a very sensitive stomach because he turns his head or goes out of the room whenever that parts comes on. HYSTERICAL! And, I think he has a little crush on Wendy Preffercorn (however you spell her name!). He won't admit it, but he thinks she's cute!

You just gotta love "The Sandlot."


Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

I do remember that movie...Funny! I can't wait till Parker starts talking more.

Brooke said...

Wasn't that movie filmed in Rose Park, too? Right by your old house! What a sweet boy you have.

shaunna and scott said...

I love that movie! I remember thinking Benny was so hot!