It's About Time!

I did it! I finally went out and bought a new seems like forever since mine broke! So, I am camera happy and snapping pictures left and right to try and catch up for the time missed.

There is definitely much "SILLY"ness going on in our house! Cooper and Charlee are always cracking jokes and making funny faces. They keep me smiling and make my days much happier.
I find it hysterical and can't stop laughing...I love they have found their sense of humor and know how to use it!

I told Charlee to smile for the camera and this is what I got. One of Charlee's favorite things to do is sit on my lap so we can take pictures of ourselves. Kind of weird, but hey...we have fun!

Griffin seems as though he has grown up drastically since last month and I can't begin to explain how fast this little guy is! Maybe it's that he has two older siblings to show him the ropes, but this kid can move! For was the primary program at church. Charlee sat with us until after the sacrament - then went up front. Griffin felt he needed to be with his big sister and took off after her. I was maybe 15 feet from the podium before I caught up to him. And then of course, he screamed the rest of the way back to our seat. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

Griffin as also taken much interest in the play room. He his a climber and has perfected the art of climbing onto the chair to sit at the table! Man this kid is good. He feels like such a big boy when he hangs out with the "big kids." Here is what I found today while I was cooking dinner.

Griffin sitting at the table....thinking "I am so big!"

We got our swing set up and the kids absolutely LOVE it! I absolutely LOVE it too! They come home and they want to go outside to play. Nothing wrong with that I say! I don't see them again until I call them in for dinner...or an occasionally potty break! You can't see the whole swing set from this picture, but you can tell the kids are loving the weather outside and the playground that we are so grateful to have!

Okay, so this a terrible picture to try and show the swingset. But, you can see that Scoti and Griffin are having a good time! I actually found Griffin standing on top of the four wheeler with his hand on the handle bars grinning...swaying back and he knew what was suppose to happen or something. Funny little kid!

I have been doing a lot of this. Halloween Countdown!

My favorite time of year! HALLOWEEN! I don't know why, maybe a little creepy, but I love HALLOWEEN! I get so excited about decorating, having a Halloween party, dressing up and making the kids costumes...the list goes on and on. I would most definitely be okay if we celebrated Halloween at least once a month.

Well folks, this is probably enough for one post. But, not to worry...there will be more. Why? Because Halloween is just around the corner and we will have the cutest PUNKED OUT PIRATES...that I will of course - be showing off!


anne said...

LOVE that countdown to Halloween. Why didn't I make one?

O - and that blog is


AND yes Griffin is getting fast, but I didn't hear him scream all the way back to your seat. maybe it seemed louder because you were holding him. I wouldn't worry about it. At least that cranky lady didn't tell you he was tired and to take him home....Honestly...

thatredhead said...

So happy you got a to see pics of your cute kids!

Here's the link for the cupcake pincushion pattern.

I am not a good sewer (i get frustrated too easily) so this was tough for me to sew. But i pushed myself to finish, and i did! But you are a pro and i know it will be a cinch for you.

Good luck - they really are cute!

shaunna and scott said...

Hahaha! That is so funny. Brody did the same thing Griffin did. The other day I had a little chair in Brody's room and I left the room to go get something... I came back and Brody was sitting in the chair with that same exact look on his face!