Happy SPOOKtacular Birthday Cooper!

My Cooper turned EIGHT! Can you believe it? I have an eight year old! And, a GREAT eight year old at that! We had a Spooktacular Birthday Party full of Frightful Delights for his party!

The "Spooky Swamp." Totally cheesy I know, but this was a hit! My dad stood behind the sheet and the kids tossed a fishing line over and he hooked all kinds of Halloween goodies to the line and tossed it back! They kept asking if they could play again, and again, and oh yes, yet again! So cute to see kids being kids!

"Marry the Ghoul." We had three rings and each kid took a turn to try and get it on the Ghoul's Ring Finger! If they did...they WON 10 pieces of candy! Whoever made it on was absolutely over joyed because they got way to much candy! Sorry parents!

"The Pumpkin Patch." Here they had to toss ping pong balls into pumpkins! This one was a little to easy for them...but they still liked it. I think it was because we gave them lots of candy if they got all three ping pong balls in the pumpkins!

"Donuts on a String." This was hysterical! I thought since they were young kids I would use the small hostess donuts! Well, I shouldn't have "thought" anything! These kids had NO problem sticking those donuts in their mouth...WHOLE! I was laughing so hard watching them try and swallow a powdered donut...practically choking. Serves em' right for stuffing the WHOLE thing in! Geesh, where's their manners?

Cooper had such a fun time! I am still in shock that he is EIGHT!

Cooper, you are such a wonderful young man. I know sometimes it is hard being the little guy. I know you struggle with people always asking "Who's older? You or your sister?" I know you can't wait until you grow and are taller like the other kids! But, I want you to know that no matter how small you are, you are the most amazing EIGHT year old kid I know! You are so sweet and kind, everyone wants to be your friend. You are funny and have a great sense of humor. You know how to laugh and have fun, but you also know when to be serious and respectful. You are sensitive and in tune with our Heavenly Father. You know how to make good choices and be an example to others around you, including me. I watch you with Charlee and Griffin. They are SO lucky to have such a super, awesome, cool, PERFECT big brother. You are their protectors, you watch out for them, you stick up for them. You are the big brother that everyone wants and needs. I know you are ready to be baptized and be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know you are so excited to be baptized! I know that it is hard being the man of the house, but you do such an excellent job. I know you miss Dad and want him home...not only to relieve you of your "man of the house" duties, but you need him! You have gone through so much in your eight years of life. Most kids have never and will never experience some of the things you have. But, you have not let those trials and experiences hold you back, you have taken them and ran with them. You have done your best in all you do! I am so proud of you. I know your Dad is so proud of you! We both love you so much. Happy Birthday Cooper, I Love You!


Arrington's said...

If anyone knows how to through a party it's Julie! Looks like a blast. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun creative mom! Cooper is adorable wise beyond his years I know Laken loves him :)

anne said...

That is one fantastic party! I know who to call when my kids are old enough to actually have one. :)

Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! Sounds like it was a blast.... You are like the "All American Party Mom!"

Rushton's said...

Oh my goodness! seriously Julie! AWESOME party. could be that I LOVE halloween, but that is the coolest birthday party I have ever seen. YOu are too talented! You should call your other blog "cRae's creations"

Harmoni said...

Ok REALLY, Are you seriously a crafty genius. I don't even know what to say you amaze me!! These are some really LUCKY kids!!! Loves Harm

Mike, Steph, and Peyton said...

you are so creative!! that turned out so cute!! we miss you guys!! we need to come visit!!