It's NOT Funny...But It Kinda Is!

My day....

1. Charlee wakes up, she doesn't feel good...she is going to throw up.

2. YUCK!

3. Around noon she is feeling better.

4. Get ready to head to the Raptor Romp.

5. Cooper tells me he doesn't feel good.

6. There are too many people there.

7. He is nervous.

8. I tell him to get down there and perform.

9. He runs back, "Mom, I Am Going To Throw Up!"

10. And..... he front of EVERYONE!

11. Rush him out of the way, using his shirt as a catch all.


13. Gather up everything.

14. Come home.

15. Started the day with throw up, might as well end with it too!

And so is my life.......sigh.........sigh........sigh!!!!


shaunna and scott said...

Oh no!!! I hope they don't have what we had. And if they do I hope they get over it sooner than we did. I am so sorry!

anne said...

O I am SOOOOO Sorry!!! I absolutely HATE throw up.

The Winget Family said...

I want to make that Temple Picture can I take the class?

The Winget Family said...

I left a comment before I read your post. . . sorry I got excited about the picture. I am really sorry about your day that is awful! Let me know if you need anything!