ThE GoOd ExAmPLe

My little Charlee has been a HUGE example to me. I have to share this with everyone because she has truly helped me to stop with my excuses! Now, this is going to be kind of long but you will want to read this. The reason for it being so long???....I have to give you the details and set up the story, for without all the details it would not be a story about Charlee!

Grandma and Grandpa gave Charlee two beautiful dresses for Christmas. Along with these two adorable dresses are matching shoes (two pairs, one for each dress) and a little black purse. Charlee was so excited to have two new dresses that she could barely wait for Sunday to come so she could wear one of them. Sunday finally arrived and through a series of excuses we were not going to be able to make it to church. About 30 minutes before church, Charlee asked if she could get dressed. I told her yes, not thinking much about it. Out she comes in her NEW dress, NEW shoes, and NEW purse. I smiled and said "Oh honey, not your church clothes, we aren't going to church today .... Griffin is sick.....excuse, excuse, excuse!" Right then and there, my little girl broke down in tears and sobbed "But, I want to go to church Mom, Heavenly Father wants me to go." Okay, so my little four year old was telling me what I needed to hear. I smiled and said "Okay, lets get ready!" I took Charlee to church and had probably the best Sunday School lesson in a really long time.

The next Sunday comes and Griffin is really sick. He is throwing up and not doing well at all. So this time, we didn't even attempt to make excuses. Mike got him and the kids ready and they went to church. Charlee wore her other NEW dress and NEW shoes! I stayed home with Griffin, and all was well in the McRae house.

So, now the next Sunday has rolled around. I was asked to sub in primary and I was so excited. I had my lesson all ready to go and couldn't wait to be there. Well, somehow I managed to catch a nasty virus and was really sick. There was no way I could go to primary and risk getting those cute little kids sick. Mike had worked graveyards that night and was exhausted. I called the primary president apologizing for my illness and had to excuse myself from church. Charlee comes waltzing in asking if it is time to get ready for church. I sadly explained to her that I could not go and I didn't want them going either.....the last thing I need is for Charlee throwing up on some poor little Sunbeam! The kids hadn't shown signs of being sick, but mine came on with little warning. She was SO SAD!! The only way I could save the day was to tell her that we were going to have our own PRIMARY at home! My little church goin', primary lovin' Charlee is in heaven!

A few hours later, I pulled out my Family Home Evening book. I gathered up the family and we had our own primary lesson on GraTiTudE!!!! We sang songs, had a prayer, it was our own little primary right in our home. While we were talking about gratitude, I kept thinking about how grateful I was to have such a sweet little girl who loves Heavenly Father and Jesus. She loves to hear the stories in the scriptures and sing about the gospel. How lucky am I to have such a special daughter who is reminding me to stay close to the Lord?

Now comes the really cute part! Nope, I am not done with the story yet! A few hours later, Charlee comes into the living room with her scriptures and her hands full of paper. We asked her what she was doing and to please not make another mess. Now I have to quote the next little bit.....

Charlee "Mom, can you get everyone in here? We are going to have primary."

Mom "But Charlee, we all ready had primary earlier. Remember?"

Charlee "I know Mom, but now I am going to do primary."

Mom "Okay!"

I gathered up the family....again for another primary lesson....Charlee style! She had found my drawer full of primary stuff, pulled out pictures, papers, and what not and taught us about several different things. We got to sing and pray some more! It was absolutely adorable! Here is my four year old teaching me!

Later that night Charlee and I had another conversation that went something like this!

Charlee "Mom, can we have primary again tomorrow?"

Mom "Sure honey!"

Charlee "Who do you think should teach us tomorrow?"

Mom "I am not sure, who do you think should teach the lesson?"

Charlee "I think I should cuz I do a really good job, huh?" (Imagine all the Charlee attitude in that comment - cuz it was ALL there!)

Mom " Yeah, I think you should do the lesson. You did a great job!"

Charlee "Yeah, I did a good job. Okay, I will do the lesson tomorrow!"

Through all of this Charlee helped me to see what I am lacking. I need to work harder in teaching the gospel more in our home. I need to be more diligent in going to church and look forward to it. The gospel is such a blessing in my life and I have been taking it for granted. I now see that I can't do that anymore, I have three little kids that watch everything I do, I need to be their example. Not the other way around! So, my little Charlee Boo, thank you for the HUGE lesson you taught me the last few weeks! I LOVE YOU!


shaunna and scott said...

Wow! Little Char Bar is so cute! I can just imagine how her cute little lesons went.

Kyle and April Moore said...

ok that was the cutest thing i've ever heard, you truly are blessed with the cutest kids! your mom and dad have the cutest dang grandkids!

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

That is a great story. I can't wait til I can teach my kids about the gospel. I only hope I can be as strong as you and your family. Thanks for your example.
It was good seeing you the other day, by the way!