PLeAsE TeLL Me ThIs IsN't A SiGn!

First a MASSIVE black eye ...... and now THIS? Please tell me this isn't the start of something new! Or does it just get worse from here on out?

Wednesday evening Cooper comes home from playing at his friends house. He starts telling me that while he was jumping on the trampoline he fell and hit his mouth on the metal bar and that two of his teeth feel loose. Immediately I open his mouth and start inspecting his teeth and sure enough they are a little loose. I then lift his upper lip to find a nice bruise that is black and blue! My first thought....."Is this going to damage his permanent teeth?" I drag Cooper into to show Mike the damage, he makes a "ewww that's gotta hurt" face and we decide we should call the pediatric dentist!

I took Cooper to the dentist today and he felt strongly about pulling out his two front teeth! Cooper was terrified when he heard the words "pull em' out!" I gently, yet firmly told him he was to be brave, no crying, and just think of what the Tooth Fairy was going to leave him tonight! So, with no tears and complete bravery here is the outcome of my little man with no front teeth, all thanks to a stinkin' trampoline! I wonder how much the Tooth Fairy will be leaving him? Ummmm....what is the going rate for Tooth Fairies anyway?

Did I mention that I really struggle with this stage of life? Why can't their BIG teeth grow in when the BIG teeth will match the rest of their body?


McRae Family said...

Ok totally laughing....Cooper looks so are so in for it. Boys is all I can say! Love you

Leslie Ann McRae said...

Brings back so many memories of raising 5 sons. The best is yet to come!! We love you all. G&G