Goodbye 2008 - Hello 2009

Wow, this year has been a complete whirlwind! We did however go out with a bang! Charlee had the flu on New Year's Eve and this is how we spent ringing in the New Year......

Watching movies on my bed. Pretty exciting huh? You can tell that Charlee doesn't feel good at all. She was a rock star and stayed up until midnight, throwing up and all!

I am happy and sad to see this year go, we have had so much happen in 2008, hopefully we can sit back and take a deep breath in 2009. As I look back over the year we had several great things happen and of course, a few trials along the way. The experience that impacted my life the most this year was the birth of Griffin. Having children is a great and wonderful experience, but Griffin, he was different. Through his birth I learned to put all my trust in the Lord, faith is a must have, and the priesthood is a wonderful blessing. I am so blessed to be here today!

I have to mention some of the "THINGS" that happened this year.

JANUARY - Mike found his niche in law enforcement. He loves his job, that makes for a happy home!
FEBRUARY - We bought our first home.
MARCH - Cooper and I had the worst case of FLU ever. We moved into the new house!
APRIL - I endured passing kidney stones while pregnant! Mike turned 31. Yeah, he is getting old! Mike graduated from the police academy and received the Academic Achievement Award.
MAY - Cooper finished Kindergarten. I quit work to stay home with the kids!
JUNE - I turned 30. Man, I am getting old! We put in the front yard....Mike worked so hard!
JULY - Brody was born! Jackson was born! We went to Lagoon, it was SOOO HOT!
AUGUST - Griffin was born! Charlee turned 4. Our water main had a leak under the driveway, we had to break it up and fix it! The driveway is still in pieces - on our list of things to do! Mikes parents left on their mission to Australia!
SEPTEMBER - We went to the cabin with Scott & Shaunna - the kids had a blast!
OCTOBER- Cooper turned 7. Halloween was fun. Cooper brought strep throat home to us all!
NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving....a time to be grateful. Mike received a letter from the Army deploying him to Iraq in February.
DECEMBER - Christmas! Spending time with our families.

I know this next year is going to be a hard one because Mike will be gone. But, if I have learned anything in 2008 it is that I can make it...if I put my trust in the Lord. I will look back on this year and smile, it was a good year! I hope that 2009 will bring us many blessings! Goodbye 2008!!!

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Kyle and April said...

hey! yes we do have a blog and its so fun! My poor char bar looks sick! what happened?? I love your guys blogs it's so dang cute, i was ready some of the past blogs and they say the funniest things! and i've already added you guys!