Too Stinkin' Cute!

Last week I got to watch Jackson for the day instead of my little Scoti. I thought to myself in the morning, "This is going to be a hard day!" Actually, it was a great day! These two adorable little boys played together, giggled together, and smiled pretty much all day long. As soon as one woke up from a nap, the other one fell asleep. Life can't get much better than that! They were both in such happy moods, I couldn't resist taking pictures of their precious little smiles!

Griffin 4 months old!
Jackson 5 months old!
These little boys are going to be such great little buddies! I am so happy that Griffin has TWO boy cousins (Brody & Jackson) just weeks apart in age. They are going to get to start preschool together, kindergarten together, create mass choas together......It is going to be so much fun!


The Torok Family said...

Adorable! I got picture frames for the pics you gave me and everyone has commented on how adorable the kids are. Especially those babies. I also have a pic of Cooper and his eye from Christmas and everyone says Ouch! That looks like it hurt. I hope you are all feeling better. Miss ya.
Talk with you soon!

Mindy said...

Hi, I'm Mike's cousin, Mindy, and I found your blog through Bob & Engor's!
Your kids are adorable - it's fun to see how fast they all grow up! I remember Cooper as a baby, and how Grandma Luke used to talk about him often.
Hope that all is going well for you guys! Take care!

McRae Family said...

Can't wait until we get to keep a bit of that cuteness for a few days. Love you