Griffindor....Little Man!

My little Griffin man is growing up! I think he wears his helmet very well. Doesn't he look FREAKY cute? I mean seriously, doesn't that smile just melt your heart? I think one thing I love about his helmet is the ANGRY EYES he gets. When the helmet slips a little, it pushes all the chunky from his forehead down towards his eyes. He looks like he is super mad, but then he smiles and it is to funny! I haven't been able to catch that look yet on camera, but I am trying!

Griffin has mastered going down the one stair in our house! He doesn't do it the right way, oh no! He heads down head first! Sometimes he falls, but the helmet protects his little head and he just continues on his way! I sure am going to miss that helmet when it is time to say goodbye!

Mission Accomplished! He is safely down the stair and now climbing back up. It never seems to bore him, and I don't quite understand!

This picture is just because....This is what he looks like when he gets his ONE hour a day without his helmet on! I have to put socks on his hands because if not...He just scratches and scratches his head until it bleeds. Poor little guy, can you see all the read marks on his forehead? The helmet causes skin breakdown, plus all the sweat, YUCK!!!! He reminds me of a little cat when he paws at his head trying to scratch, I can't help but laugh at him every time! He even will lay his forehead on the carpet and rub it back and forth while he is rubbing the back of his head with his little hands! So cute!

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