Just A Little Flashback....

Okay! So I am in my bathroom blow drying my hair, Griffin is at my feet playing with whatever is in the drawer. I look down to see Griffin holding my flat iron with the biggest, happiest smile ever! It was then that I experienced my FLASHBACK!!!

When Cooper was around two years old and Mike was gone to Basic Training for the Army, my little man Coop LOVED my blow dryer. He carried it around the house, played with it, took naps with it (it was then I cut the cord off!) and even had to take it in the car and to the store...sometimes even daycare! Kind of strange, and I am totally happy he grew out of the phase!

I know I have a picture of it somewhere.....???

Is my little Griffin going down the same path...Only with the flat iron instead? If so, I had better go buy a cheap one cuz he AIN'T carrying my Chi around!

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anne said...

That's funny he chose a blowdryer...the most awkward tool of the bathroom. My kids pretend to do their hair with my flat iron. Luckily they always ask me if it's too hot before grabbing it. I think I've scared them enough. :)