Trip Up North!

WoW!!! Another week has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Well, I would have a lot had my camera HAD batteries the day we went to Lagoon! Unfortunately, the cute pictures of our CrAzY day are all stored on my mom's camera...which is currently not in my possession!

However, we had a SUPER FUN time at Lagoon. Most of my family was able to join us and celebrate Conner and Scotlyns birthday! I had so much fun watching the kids run from ride to ride - getting so excited about each one. It is funny how they have a story after each ride...something happened and it was "SO FUNNY MOM!!!"

The highlight of my Lagoon day was while I was sitting in the middle of the kiddie section watching Cooper and Charlee run wild! Now, do you all remember the little boat ride? The one that has the bell you can ring while floating along in a circle? Okay, Cooper and Charlee were standing in line patiently waiting their turn. There were two little girls (okay, they were young but NOT little) who were getting off the boats when "OH, OH MY!" The older sister FELL into the water and under she went! The mom rushes over to get here (yeah, she's OKAY!) but I could not stop laughing, it was HYSTERICAL! Am I so mean? Just create the image in your head and you will probably laugh too! And oh the sadness in my heart when I couldn't catch it all...dang camera! (If you want more hysterical details about this incident, just ask! I would love to tell you ALL about it! Yes, there is more to the story!)

So, the day ends and we are exhausted. Man, I am getting old because I was tired at like 2!! We had doctor appointments for Griffin's flat head...which he still has and will have to wear his helmet for 6-8 MORE weeks! Ughhh...! But, they are making him a new helmet because his head is not fitting in his one now! Good thing I don't have to pay for that one! Those little plastic suckers are EXPENSIVE!

Mike has a buddy over in Iraq who's family lives up north! Mike gave me her number so we could meet and get to know them! I gave them a call and we met up at a chocolate factory! We had such a great time. It is such a small world!


anne said...

I'm glad you had fun up north. Lagoon is super fun...I haven't been there since Jace and I first got married and wow! That was 5 years ago. Hmm, I know my kids would love it. And heck yes I want to know more about this story of the girl falling into the water. It sounds funny to me. :)

Also, I talked to Jade a little more about the whole Vegas showdown and we're thinking Aug 21-22. That's a Friday and Saturday. I still haven't checked out any hotels, but it depends on how many people we can get as to the cost. So, hopefully you'll be able to come. :)

O - and after church yesterday Jace told me how sorry he felt for you for about 10 minutes. Then he said, "If you ever want to do a girl's night tell Julie I'll watch her kids so she can come." What a sweetheart. So you HAVE to come. :)

Wow, that was long...

Mike, Steph, and Peyton said...

Hey Julie! im glad you are doing good and having fun with your sweet little kids!! We need to get together and do lunch or somthing!