God Bless America!

Today was quite the day! It seems like sometimes a HOLIDAY is more work than it should be! But oh well, it was a fun day! We celebrated little Brody's birthday and the 4th all in one day! Good food, good friends and family, bad HOT day, NICE cool swimming pool! I of course had to yipe up the 4th at our house - just a little bit! The kids put on their patriotic shirts (poor little Griffie didn't have one..but he is in camo instead!) and mohawked the boys hair with RED hair gel, girlied up Charlee with patriotic hair bows (and red hair too) and took some pictures! This day means so much more to me now that it has in the past. I have a new sense of patriotism and appreciation for this country. I am so grateful I live in a free land where I have the FREEDOM to choose. God Bless America!

FYI - I let Griffin have a day off...it's so HOT outside! It would have been torture to make him wear that helmet!


anne said...

Happy 4th! Your kids are adorable. We are SO grateful for the troops...especially your hubby. Thank him for us. :)

Mike and Steph said...

your kids look so cute!! haha thats so nice you gave Griffin the day off!! he would of hated life!! it was so hot!! i hope your doing good!! we miss you guys!! we need to go to lunch or something on one of my days off! let us know if you need anything!

Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

I love that picture! The boys hair is so cute!! I miss you so much I need you address so I can come see you!!