Last year today the first of what would be three boy cousins to be born in a six week period, Brody Scott entered the world!

It seems like yesterday I got the phone call Shaunna was going to the hospital to have Brody! In some ways I was extremely jealous because I still had six weeks to go. How amazing it was to hold Brody for the first time and feel of his perfect sweet spirit. I must admit, I was again jealous because Tammie was next, she to was having a boy. I on the other hand, had to be the difficult one and not find out if we were having a boy or a girl. Deep down I knew I was having a boy, but constantly doubted because NO WAY could all three of us have boys. I would have the girl and she would forever be picked on by the two older boys....sometimes that is how life goes! But, the Lord had something special in store. Another boy would be born! I can't wait to see what else is in store for these three AMAZING little men. What a precious miracle happened for our family!

We love you Brody and hope you have a FANTABULOUS 1st birthday!

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shaunna and scott said...

I know. We are definatly so blessed to have these precious little boys. I will never forget when you mom came into the waiting room to announce Griffin was a boy. I was so happy I almost cried! I am so happy you waited to find out. It's a day I will never forget!